Friday, April 24, 2015

Delicious Foods

More delicious foods we have the pleasure of enjoying. For the history of all the foods we get to eat, you can click on the label "So What CAN You Eat." :)

 photo 20150207_084610_zpsfvl3pr15.jpg
Assorted pancakes we baked in the oven (raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, and fig)

 photo 2014-10-25 19.46.17_zpsll6dilfc.jpg
Roasted Spicy Chickpeas

 photo 20141127_131944_zpsswceqrmb.jpg
Green bean casserole we made for Thanksgiving

 photo 20141130_185534_zpsz3fu2lpq.jpg
Stuffing for Thanksgiving

 photo 20141127_132020_zpsz1nyq2zr.jpg
Scalloped potatoes for Thanksgiving

 photo 20141127_132031_zpsu1tmgepj.jpg
Mashed sweet potatoes

 photo 20141127_134238_zpsr6ypn1iq.jpg
The Thanksgiving feast, all put together!

 photo 20141219_190945_zpsmahrn1ug.jpg
Chickpea burger and kale salad at Green Cuisine

 photo 20141219_191010_zpsqwblzwgk.jpg
Kale salad and quinoa burrito at Green Cuisine

 photo 20141203_184350_zpsojj1ghse.jpg
Desserts from Green Cuisine

 photo IMG_9449_zpslnj0uhbz.jpg
Asian rice medley

 photo 20150222_211543_zpsr45nwfhp.jpg
Smoked sweet potato burgers...amazing!

 photo 20150228_204513_zpsyndm61ok.jpg
And when you run out of buns, no worries, introducing the "Burger Bowl" (served over rice)

 photo 20150221_140230_zpsya6y5xn3.jpg
Non-dairy ice cream (cherry and chocolate brownie with vanilla) from Spiral Diner

 photo 2015-03-22 21.03.56_zpskoxkpbja.jpg
Chocolate banana ice cream, frozen in muffin pans for nice portion sizes

 photo 20141118_205737_zpsz2x3oovz.jpg
My birthday dessert of choice: cookie cake with chocolate & vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge, and peanuts...all non-dairy and oil-free!

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