Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer Deliciousness

Now that we're headed into fall, I wanted to share all of the yummy goodness that we enjoyed over the summer. This is tagged with the label, "So What CAN You Eat," because as you can see below, we are SO deprived [sarcasm]...

 photo 2013-06-19121653_zps1d16687f.jpg
Mexican Medley

 photo 2013-06-19194133_zpse0a9e5bf.jpg
Baked potatoes topped with salsa and nutritional yeast, with steamed veggies

 photo 2013-06-21200101_zpsa5078467.jpg
Oil-free homemade potato chips

 photo 2013-06-22203415_zpsab5e5fe2.jpg
Whole Grain, Gluten-free, Oil-free, Vegan Bread

 photo 2013-06-29121317_zps2f3c93a9.jpg
Veggie Stir-fry with Chickpeas

 photo 2013-07-11123957_zpse1510a3e.jpg
The ginormous baked potato I ate with salsa at Jason's Deli

 photo 2013-07-17220556_zps2951a9cb.jpg
Peach Cobbler

 photo 2013-07-17220948_zps00b32cc1.jpg
More Peach Cobbler...ahh, summer peaches...

 photo 2013-07-24201338_zps3a916f39.jpg
Herbed Purple Sweet Potatoes

 photo 2013-07-31194840_zps285fe5fa.jpg
Performance Mix, courtesy of The Plant Eater

 photo 2013-08-12064740_zps20476859.jpg
Oatmeal Dessert with Peaches, Bananas, and Blueberries

 photo 2013-08-22210154_zps65672e05.jpg
Pumpkin Soft-serve Ice Cream (homemade)

 photo 2013-08-25141918_zpsfbd770f4.jpg
Hash Brown Potatoes (oil-free)

 photo 2013-09-05124043_zps397477ef.jpg
Black Bean Soup

 photo 2013-09-08174250_zps1dcf5413.jpg
Chickpea Tacos and Spanish Rice

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