Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eat More Veggie Tails

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There are literally thousands of vegetables in the world. This means that your odds of finding some veggies that taste good to you are strongly in your favor.

I did not grow up eating many vegetables. As your average "city girl," who sadly was not raised on a farm (I say sadly because I've had a lifelong dream of owning a horse), my idea of a vegetable was what came from a can. My childhood favorite was canned green beans.

I had no idea how much variety there was in food. Heck, I didn't even know what a clove of garlic was. The first time I tried to cook some garlic mashed potatoes for Michael, I mistakenly thought a bulb was a clove, so they were very garlicky. Oh, and I didn't even saute it first, just roughly chopped it up (didn't have a food chopper to properly mince it either) raw and stirred it in. Large chunks of raw garlic in every bite. Yeah...

I also used to avoid trying something new. I was your stereotypical restaurant patron who would order the same item every time because once I found something I liked, why bother trying something different?

Allow me to share another story from our dating years...Michael and I were shopping at Walmart, and Michael purchased a mini-eclare pie (maybe 3 or 4 inches in diameter). While I was driving, he wanted me to try a bite, but it didn't look appealing to me, so I refused. He insisted. I refused. Insisted. Refused. Then he reached over and shoved it in my mouth. I refused...by spitting it back out...onto the remainder of the pie he was still holding in front of my mouth. He didn't finish it...can't imagine why. :)

So as I've aged, I've learned to be more open-minded to new foods. I make myself try something at least once before I let myself say, "I don't like it." And surprisingly, foods that I didn't like as a child, I now love the taste of. Tomatoes, for example.

I have since discovered many new foods that I enjoy. Specifically in the vegetable world, I have at least quadrupled the number of vegetables I used to enjoy eating as a child. (I'm somewhat guessing, because like I said, there are thousands of vegetables.)

We strive to eat vegetables with all meals. We add a vegetable powder to our breakfast smoothies every morning (we make it ourselves). At lunch, we usually eat a vegetable-based soup, poured over a whole grain. With dinner, if the meal itself doesn't incorporate many vegetables, we eat some steamed veggies or a big salad as a side dish.

One day, we'd love to build a garden in our backyard and grow our own vegetables. But until then, I will continue to walk through the produce section like a kid in a toy store. :)

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